We offer a range of cleaning and maintenance services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Our NDIS Program

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Our NDIS program allows NDIS participants to have access to a wide range of house cleaning services. These services included house cleaning, teaching house cleaning, yard maintenance and linen services. We will work with you to design a service plan which benefits your goals and needs the most. Every client’s needs are different and we will sit down with you, listen to what you need done and observe the areas you need cleaned; before we provide a quote.


Our Team

We focus on stability and we will do our best to have the same cleaning team for each visit. We also encourage our staff to build a positive and healthy relationship between themselves and the participant. Our staff are comfortable working around people with all types of disabilities and different ethnic backgrounds.

The Process

Although we do take phone calls on 1300 806 555 it is best to submit your inquiry via email. Emailing allows us to have a paper trail and we can email you important links to information if needed. Once you email us, the process starts. We might call to confirm what you need and then we will set up an appointment to visit you at your home. During our visit we will quote you a price, go over what we will do and if needed give you tools to help communicate with us (such as a calendar and picture based job check-list).

Cleaning Services Explained

House Cleaning/Teaching House Cleaning

Our three levels of House Cleaning Services:

  • Full Clean: We clean everything top to bottom; inside cupboards and under furniture.
  • Standard Clean: We clean most things but we don’t clean inside cupboards and under furniture.
  • Economy Clean: We only clean high traffic areas and surfaces.

Ideally how it works is every new client gets a full clean. We’ll clean everything from bugs in light fixtures, sliding door rails, cobwebs in ducted air vents to grout stains. Our next visit be a week, two weeks or three weeks might be an economy clean (a fast clean only focused on high traffic areas). More than three weeks we might recommend a standard clean (not as intense as a full clean but it is detailed).

All of the above is the ideal cleaning plan, but we are flexible and understand all people including those on NDIS have different needs. If communication is hard for the NDIS participant we offer two tools to help remove the communication barrier. One is a cleaning calendar and the other is a cleaning chart. The cleaning calendar allows us together to fill out the times and dates we will be at the house, what should be cleaned that day and concerns. The cleaning chart is a picture based chart instructing us what the NDIS participant wants us to clean that day.

Teaching House Cleaning

When teaching house cleaning the participant might experience anxiety, annoyance, boredom, anger and a range of emotions; this is why we send out two cleaners per job. One cleaner teaches defusing the anxiety while the other cleaner focuses on cleaning the house. It is also noteworthy when teaching house cleaning we do have nonverbal charts and instructions to help explain the cleaning process.

Yard Maintenance

This is a standard service focusing on cutting the grass and trimming the edges.

Linen Service

We will wash your clothes for you at your house using your machinery. Dependent on your needs, we can separate washing and empty pockets. Items will be washed, dried and folded. The clean linen will be either put away or left in an agreed location.

Contact Sylla Cleaning expert

Sylla Cleaning have completed a Certificate III in cleaning and have many years of experience in the cleaning industry. We are very passionate about the quality of work we provide. If you need assistance in the NDIS program, feel free to contact us on 1300 806 555.