Strata Cleaners & Maintenance Services Sydney

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Sylla Cleaning Services provides strata cleaning and maintenance services for strata management companies. Our strata cleaning specialists are trained, experienced and approach every job with a commitment to provide the highest quality of cleaning and maintenance services to ensure your property is well maintained so the residents have an environment they can feel comfortable with and proud of.


We never compromise on quality so no matter how big or small your property is our dedicated team will provide strata cleaning and maintenance chores to perfection. We offer a broad spectrum of cleaning and maintenance services that could be scheduled quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily depending on the needs of your properties.


We can supply you with daily or weekly cleaning schedules, or customise to suit your needs. No matter what you need to have done, we are available to put together a custom-made cleaning solutions to cater to your body corporate and strata cleaning requirements for apartment blocks, buildings, common areas etc.


Some of the custom solutions can include:

  • Clean all common areas of strata buildings
  • Clean ‘special rooms’ such as building offices or storage areas
  • Vacuum carpets, remove carpet stains and steam cleaning when needed
  • Blow or sweep leaves and fallen debris
  • Clean garages/car park area
  • High pressure cleaning of paved/concreted areas. Remove mould to prevent slippery surfaces
  • Window cleaning including entry ways
  • Clean/disinfect bins, keep bin area tidy
  • Remove Graffiti from fences, walls and pavements
  • Notify of repairs, arrange for specialised gardening services such as tree removal
  • Gardening, weeding, pruning, minor landscaping work
  • Stairwells, foyers, reception areas, letterboxes
  • Clothes lines (clean and repair)
  • And more

Sylla Cleaning Services allow you to customise your strata requirements according to your needs. Contact our office on 1300 80 65 55 or complete our form below to book a free consultation where we can discuss your strata cleaning and maintenance needs.


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